drumdots .. The ONLY drum dampener Engineered to Control the Over-Ring without Sacrificing the TONE you love

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Now Available in Original & Mini

Whether it be during a LIVE performance, recording session,
or if you're just practicing,
drumdots always deliver the sound you need.

drumdots are made of VTemTM a special polymer developed just for drumdots. Check out our videos and our review in Drumhead Magazine to see what Pro drummers, drum techs, sound engineers and 
dealers are saying about drumdots.

Made of the same Amazing material as Original drumdots, minis are 1/2 the size, providing limitless versatility
6-drumdot minis  / pack


Enter Promo Code SAV1295 at check out for $12.95 off of:

(offer ends 7/31/2017)


Demo Videos (headphones recommended)

What Pro Drummers are saying ....

Stanley Randolph, Jerome Flood II, Pablo Viveros


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Drumhead Magazine Review.....